It’s true. MAP.FITNESS is just a baby. It’s a simple little idea I thought of one day while hanging out on the Town Lake Trail in Austin, Texas. There’s a cachillion gyms out there and a whole lot more trainers to boot. And, there are many different types of workouts. Flexibility training, strength training, aerobic training, etc. You get the picture. Choosing the right place and the right routine, and sticking to it is really hard for me. I make excuses about not working out. Then, I’ll make jokes about how I need to turn my flab into fab. Then, once in a while, I’ll do some chin ups at free place on the trail and guess what? I feel great! The next day I’m sore, but I’m sore from EXERCISE, not from sitting on my butt all day at work.

Which reminds me of why I’m here. HELP! I have a lot of random interests, from Airstreams, to guitars, to this site. I can’t be there for all of them at once. I need volunteers or users who like free fitness parks or hiking trails and want others to know about them. I’m always on the lookout for a few new places to bring my boots or my dogs and make a day of it. I fantasize about being able to drive around or hike around and find all the cool places to mark on the map on this site but that is not very realistic right now.

Maybe you want to help out and join the site and create some listings of your own? Check out the site and use the “create submission” up above.