Good morning! I’m back in Charlotte after a whirlwind trip to Burlington and even though I loved every second of my time in the gorgeous state of Vermont (the fall foliage was unbelievable!), it feels good to be home. I am dying to get back up to Vermont with Ryan and Chase at some point because I think they’d both love it and I feel like my time there was way too limited. I’ll be sure to recap my trip on the blog soon once I’m a little more organized and have the chance to go through all of my photos.

Green Wind Farm Vermont

I spent the morning volunteering at Chase’s preschool’s book fair, so I’m sharing this blog post later than usual today but better late than never, right!? As for today’s blog post, I wanted to share a little peek into my day yesterday which began a little after 5 a.m. thanks to an early alarm! I slept pretty terribly during my time in Vermont which was such a disappointment since I usually sleep really well in hotels. Last week I set my phone alarm and it didn’t go off, so I think I was just paranoid about sleeping through my alarm both days I was away and tossed and turned a lot.

The driver who took me to the airport was a ball of positive energy and somehow his energy rubbed off on me and I arrived at the Burlington Airport feeling much more alert. I’m sure the savory veggie crepe and cappuccino I ordered from The Skinny Pancake in the airport helped, too! (Thank you for the recommendation, Katy!) I used my flight time to work which is probably my favorite thing about solo travel these days. It’s the BEST time to hunker down and be productive with zero distractions.

Burlington Airport

I arrived in Charlotte in the middle of the morning and was so excited to spend the rest of the morning with my mom and Chase! They picked me up at the airport and it was so great to see both of them and smother Chase in a million kisses. (My mom was kind enough to watch Chase for us while I was in Vermont and I’m thrilled that she’ll be here through the end of the week!) Is it weird that I feel like Chase somehow seemed so much older even though I was gone for less than three full days!?

Once we were all reunited, we headed back toward home but popped into The Fresh Market because I had to pick up a few things to make my Halloween Spider Cupcakes again to share on Instagram Stories as part of my partnership with Pure Organic. Once we made it back home, Chase was psyched to help me cook and we whipped up a batch of chocolate cupcakes using Simple Mills baking mix. Once the cupcakes were baking away, we turned our attention to the boxes of fall decorations I drug out of the attic and finished decorating our house for fall!

fall decorating

I think one of the reasons I enjoy decorating for the seasons so much is that a lot of my decorations are actually from my grandmothers so they remind me of holidays with them and our special times together. I could tell my mom enjoyed seeing some of the old pumpkins from Mimi’s house come out of storage for the fall, too!

Chase wasn’t overly interested in the decorations until he spied a box of costumes. When I took the elephant head out of the box, he immediately tried it on and refused to take it off for a solid 45 minutes.

elephant costume

The elephant’s trunk entertained him to no end and I have a feeling we know what Chase is going to be for Halloween this year…

Eventually we got Chase out of the elephant costume and into his crib for his nap. While he snoozed away, we ate a quick lunch and I knocked out two projects while my mom drove to the airport to pick up my dad. (He had a bike race over the weekend but will also be here through Friday!) They ended up arriving home almost the minute Chase woke up from his nap and Ryan arrived home from work an hour or so later. I missed him, too!!

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out and making a delicious dinner of spaghetti with Brussels sprouts, fresh bread and pineapple. And Halloween Spider Cupcakes for dessert! (An eclectic combination but it was tasty.)

dinner with family

My dad actually arrived in town with a bit of a stomach bug and I was 100 percent exhausted by the end of the day, so we ended up calling it an early night. Chase was in bed by 8 p.m. and we headed off to sleep not long after. I managed to make it though only a few pages of my new book before my eyes were too heavy to keep reading. I just started reading The Woman in Cabin 10 and I’m enjoying it so far. It seems almost Girl on the Train-ish to me at the moment and I’m curious to see how it will end.

And now I’m off to snap some photos for a freelance client before I can fully unplug and spend some quality time with my family! Hope you guys all have a great Wednesday!

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