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This fitness park with gym and exercise equipment is located in Waco, Texas. It features a variety of equipment, a basketball court and a playground for children. It is an easy to access park with a short running “track” or sidewalk that goes around the park. I used it for jogging in between sets at the machines. I’m just visiting Waco so I’m not sure about the neighborhood but it seemed fine for the day time. Also, there is a house that was featured on “Fixer Upper” right near here.  The equipment is still in very nice condition and is made by Healthbeat. The park was renovated in 2013 and received major upgrades according to this Waco Trib article.

The equipment at this park includes:

  • AB Station
  • Elliptical Machine
  • Pull-up and dip combo unit
  • Push-up units
  • Tai Chi Machine
  • Short Running “Track”

History of the park:
The park dates back at least to 1918, when it was dedicated in memory of W.W. Seley, a leading banker and field commander of Waco’s Camp MacArthur during World War I.

But it got a new lease on life in 1986, when the fledgling neighborhood association partnered with the city and the Cooper Foundation to renovate it. The new gazebo, designed by Waco architect Sterling Thompson and echoing the cupola on the Sanger School, became the centerpiece of the park and a symbol of the neighborhood.

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