Lafreniere Park

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A Welcome Tranquil Respite in the Heart of Jefferson Parish
What was once one of the last pieces of large undeveloped acreage in East Jefferson, Lafreniere Park has blossomed into a lush, thriving natural green space. With careful planning and vigilant nurturing for over three decades, the park now sports open green spaces, multiple use lawns, fountains, family picnic areas, hills, landscaped gardens, boating, fishing, tot-lots, paths, trails, man-made ecological marsh environment, a championship Frisbee golf course, carousel, soccer and softball fields and a conference center. Growth of the park is always ongoing, currently with the development of a dog park and children’s spray park and in the future with the planning of a labyrinth and additional picnic area shelters.

Young and old, athletic and those just looking for a relaxing time out from their hectic daily routines, all have come to enjoy what the park has to offer. The sporting fields are used for practices, games and tournaments and the 2-mile jogging trail is popular for cardio vascular exercise, physical fitness and general recreation.

The marshes and gardens offer educators a wealth of native plant life to use as an aid for teaching students; the open spaces and family picnic areas are enjoyed by all. The conference center has become a meeting place for many garden, homemaker and civic clubs. The park also hosts annual parish celebrations and fire work displays.
As the original consultants wrote in 1975, “The concept of the park bespeaks its broad appeal. Conceived as a green, open space “…it will allow all the people of the Parish to rest and refresh their spirit in its peaceful, natural surroundings.” (Page 10, Master Plan)
Mettery Sherry, Chairman of the Master Plan Update Committee