Elete Electrolyte Replacement Dops are tasteless and odorless and won't much up hydration bladders like sweet electrolyte powders
Elete Electrolyte Replacement Dops are tasteless and odorless and won’t much up hydration bladders like sweet electrolyte powders

If you’re tired of drinking sickingly sweet electrolyte replacement powders or mucking up your hydration pack with flavored electrolyte mixes, you need to try Elete Electrolyte Drops. Made from natural salt water from Utah’s Great Salt Lake, they’re tasteless and odor free. They don’t contain any sugars or flavoring, and have no calories, carbohydrates or artificial ingredients. You can also add them to your water bottles or hydration reservoir and not have bears be attracted to it, especially on overnight trips, because the ingredients don’t have any odor and are not a food product.

One serving of Elete electrolyte drops contains the following electrolytes to support hydration and muscle function.

  • 45 mg magnesium
  • 390 mg chloride
  • 20 mg sulfate
  • 125 mg sodium
  • 130 mg potassium

The drops come in a little stopper bottle capable of making 10 x 32 oz servings. The bottle cap acts as a measuring cup for dosing sport bottles, water bottles, and hydration packs. Simply add one capful (2.46 ml) for each quart of water that you want to treat or 2 drops for every ounce of liquid, if dosing water from a different dispensing container. You can also buy Elete in bulk in larger sizes.

I mainly use Elete drops on backpacking trips and biking trips to prevent muscle cramps. While I try to replace my electrolytes by eating food instead of using liquid supplements, the drops are far more convenient when I’m active during the day and don’t want to stop and pull out food from my food bag. The benefit of drinking electrolytes is that they are much faster and easier to absorb than food.

Adding Elete Electrolyte Drops to my water during the day and over dinner has eliminated the painful hamstring and quad cramps I often get in my tent at night. I also rest easy knowing that my water bottle or hydration reservoir doesn’t smell like gatorade or other powdered electrolyte mixes and won’t attract an unwanted nighttime guest (bear.)

Disclosure: The author purchased this product with his own funds

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