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Why I Gave Up Early Morning Workouts

If I was told I’d be writing this post a year ago, I’d be all … via GIPHY Because I have loved, loved, loved my early morning workouts. Hell, I recommended them (and still do) to so many people!¬†They energized…


That Time I Went to the Gym But Came Home and Lifted Wine Bottles Instead

I recently joined Planet Fitness. I’ve been struggling with my exercise regimen recently, so I was excited for the option to have the personal trainer there create a workout for me. The trainer and I met a few weeks ago…


We need your help!

It’s true. MAP.FITNESS is just a baby. It’s a simple little idea I thought of one day while hanging out on the Town Lake Trail in Austin, Texas. There’s a cachillion gyms out there and a whole lot more trainers…