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‘YOUv2’ Workouts Focus on the Fun

I had a few different fitness setbacks pile up, so between a cranky achilles on one leg and an IT band flare-up on the other, followed by dental surgery and a cold … let’s just say I’m a little deconditioned…


Podcast Ep 63: Caleb Marshall, The Fitness Marshall

Do you want a podcast with an extra dose of fabulousness? Of course you do! And we’ve got it today with YouTube ensation Caleb Marshall, who is best known as The Fitness Marshall. If this is the first you are hearing…


The 10 Best Fitness Marshall Workouts

With more than A MILLION subscribers to his YouTube channel, the Fitness Marshall has a serious following. And if you love a good dance workout, it’s easy to see why. His workouts are insanely fun, super poppy, full of attitude…